Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ten of the best historical novels

Alix Christie is the author of the novel Gutenberg's Apprentice. One of her favorite historical novels, as shared at Publishers Weekly:
Enigma by Robert Harris

This prolific British historical novelist has covered everything from Pompeii to Nazi Germany to the Dreyfus Affair. His books are swiftly moving, well-plotted scenarios set into rigorously researched and believable worlds. Enigma tells a ripping story of spycraft in the intense secrecy of the British codebreaking operation during World War II. Set at Bletchley Park, the manor transformed into a number-crunching hive, the novel conveys the period's high anxiety and pressure, even if the mathematically challenged still struggle to grasp the workings of the famous "bombes" that cracked the Nazi "Enigma" code.
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Enigma is among Charlie Jane Anders's top eighteen fictional versions of Alan Turing.

--Marshal Zeringue