Friday, August 2, 2019

Six fantasy novels that infuse a real city with new magic

At the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy blog, Nicole Hill tagged six fantasy novels that infuse the real cities in which they're set with new magic, including:
Borderline, by Mishell Baker
Los Angeles

Could there be a better setting for a faerie story than Los Angeles, the city where any flight of fantasy seems within the realm of possibility? The titular word “borderline” here refers to a couple of things: First is Millie Roper, recovering from the consequences of a failed suicide attempt and coming to terms with her Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis. When she’s contacted by the top-secret (and a little sketchy) Arcadia Project, however, the borderline of emphasis becomes the quite-literal portal between the streets of LA and the world of the fey. The predicament Millie finds herself mired in is a stew of inter-world complications: the glitz of Hollywood on a collision course with the glamour of the fey.
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--Marshal Zeringue