Friday, May 4, 2007

Eric Blehm's ten favorite books

Eric Blehm is the author of The Last Season, the "true story of the life and mysterious disappearance of James Randall Morgenson, who, over the course of 28 summers spent in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, became arguably the most celebrated ranger in the National Park Service's most adventurous unit."

One of the titles from the list of his ten favorite books that he shared with Barnes and Noble:
A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson --

For laugh-out-loud bedtime reading -- whether in a sleeping bag on a rock ledge or in a featherbed at the Ritz -- Bryson is the master of "travel" writing. He propels you along through a place, giving you bits and pieces of natural history while you lick your chops waiting for the next brilliant lines of dialogue. Bryson reminds me that it's okay, in fact endearing, to make fun of yourself. I have read this book multiple times -- it's that good.
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--Marshal Zeringue