Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Roman Simic's literary top ten

Roman Simic, a short fiction writer from Croatia, took the Pulp Net quiz.

A couple of his answers:
My favourite novel that no-one else seems to have heard of

At least here, in Croatia, Donald Barthelme’s The Paradise

The book I’d most like to reread, if I could find it again

I can and I do! The book that I have re-read at least 20 times is Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. Please, don’t laugh too loud.
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From Pulp Net:
Roman Simic was born in 1972 in Zadar, Croatia. He is artistic director for the Festival of the European Short Story and the editor of the series Anthologies of European Short Story. His own short fiction has been included in various selections and anthologies of contemporary Croatian prose and translated into many European languages. His publications include the U trenutku kao u divljini (In the Moment Like in the Wilderness), (1996, Zagreb; Goran prize for Young Poets); A Place Where We’re Going to Spend the Night, short stories, 2000, Zagreb), and What Are We Falling in Love With, (short stories, 2005) which won the Jutarnji list prize for the best Croatian prose book of the year 2005, and is about to be translated into German, Spanish, Slovenian and Serbian (2007).
--Marshal Zeringue