Saturday, July 7, 2007

Five best: books about Hollywood

Robert Osborne is a Turner Classic Movies host.

He selected a five best books about Hollywood list for Opinion Journal.

The most recent title on the list:

The Grand Surprise by Leo Lerman (Knopf, 2007).

Leo Lerman (1914-94) never produced a movie or directed a play, but as a writer, editor and critic at Condé Nast he ran in glamorous circles. His celebrated friends included many who were identifiable by just one name: Marlene, Tru, Jackie, Cary. Lerman kept detailed journals tracking his social scamperings (even before he could afford it, he entertained constantly). But in the journals he also confessed to fears of failure and inadequacy alongside those glittering souls. "The Grand Surprise" (edited by Stephen Pascal), with an intoxicating mix of gossip, anecdotes and character sketches, will be for many a grand surprise. Lerman writes with just the right touch of brio and bite as he evokes a vanished time.

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--Marshal Zeringue