Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ray French's top 10 black comedies

Ray French is a novelist and short story writer. He named his top 10 black comedies for the Guardian.

Number Two on French's list:
Eleven by David Llewellyn

A compulsive read, written entirely in the form of emails sent by the characters over the course of one day. Martin and his friends work in the offices and call centres of Cardiff; and in its hilarious depiction of the grim hypocrisy of modern working life, Eleven is on a par with The Office. But Martin also writes a series of soul-searching emails to himself, which he then saves in Drafts, which form a moving contrast to the razor sharp comedy. Though it takes place on 9/11, most of the characters are too drunk or stoned to grasp what's happening.
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--Marshal Zeringue