Thursday, September 4, 2008

Top ten books about children aimed at adults

Wesley Stace, a celebrated musician and songwriter who performs under the name John Wesley Harding, is the author of two novels, Misfortune and by George (which appeared at the Page 69 Test).

In 2005 he named a top 10 list of "books about children aimed at adults" for the Guardian.

Number One on his list:
A High Wind in Jamaica by Richard Hughes

Children on their way back to England from Jamaica are kidnapped by pirates; this book is eerie, macabre, and unsettling in its depiction of the children's relationship with their kidnappers. Published in 1929, High Wind is Lord of The Flies before its time, or Moonfleet (see below) plus Freud. (It was also made into a film by Alexander MacKendrick, featuring the young Martin Amis in his only film appearance - he dies young.)
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--Marshal Zeringue