Thursday, May 7, 2009

Top 10 expatriate tales

Malcolm Pryce, author of a series of comic private detective novels set in Aberystwyth, compiled a top ten list of expatriate tales for the Guardian.

Number One on his list:
The Quiet American by Graham Greene

Ostensibly it is about the eponymous quiet American – a naive and idealistic CIA agent in Saigon during the French colonial war of the 50s. But what lingers is the relationship between the world-weary newspaper correspondent, Fowler, and his beautiful girl Phuong. Greene perfectly skewers the superfluity of western notions of love that invariably inform such situations. Undermining the idyll is the mercenary elder sister, painfully aware of the need to use Phuong's beauty to secure a provider for the family while her beauty still has currency.
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The Quiet American also made novelist Catherine Sampson's top ten list of Asian crime fiction.

--Marshal Zeringue