Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mike Wallace's 5 best books on depression

In 2005 Mike Wallace, correspondent for CBS's 60 Minutes, named a five best list of books on depression for the Wall Street Journal.

One title on the list:
"Against Depression" by Peter D. Kramer (Viking, 2005).

Peter Kramer, the author of "Listening to Prozac," chronicles, with disapproval, the development of attitudes that portray depression as ennobling or "heroic." Melancholy, he notes, has been enshrined in the romantic imagination--witness the two great novels by men about women, "Anna Karenina" and "Madame Bovary," both of which end in the heroine's suicide. Such attitudes, he believes, and the prevalence of depression, have changed our culture, and not for the better. He considers depression an illness that must be fought. Toward that end, he provides breaking news from top research scientists about its causes and cures.
Read about the other four books on Wallace's list.

--Marshal Zeringue