Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Books that made a difference to Rachel McAdams

The actor Rachel McAdams told O, The Oprah Magazine about a few books that made a difference to her.

One book on her list:
David Boring
by Daniel Clowes

David Boring opened me up to the world of graphic novels. Clowes creates quirky characters who are ordinary and flawed. They get themselves into the most extraordinary and bizarre predicaments. The main character is seeking the perfect woman, and there are many mishaps along the way. I still can't believe how deeply you can fall into these novels, which I had, sadly, dismissed as picture books. The emotion conveyed in the illustrations is so intense—the experience is a whole new way of reading.
Read about the other books on McAdams' list.

Adam Gittlin could see McAdams in an adaptation of his novel The Deal. For her "mix of beauty, intelligence and something that edges close to shyness, something that might be surprising," Andrea MacPherson's might cast McAdams in a movie based on her novel Beyond the Blue. Because McAdams "can cover the sarcastic angle and can also play frazzled when necessary, which is important," Wendy French would consider her in the film version of Full of It.

--Marshal Zeringue