Friday, June 18, 2010

Top ten books written for teenagers

Melvin Burgess is best known for Junk, his 1996 novel dealing with the tricky and controversial subject of heroin addiction in teenagers. His latest novel, Nicholas Dane, a modern-day adaptation of Oliver Twist, is out now in Britain.

For the Guardian, he named a top ten list of books written for teenagers.

One title on the list:
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Meyer is a game-changer. For years, publishers have been looking for mass-market teen fiction, and she's the first to have broken through. There's nothing new here: Meyer is no stylist; her characters are predictable; this is really just good old-fashioned romance with a supernatural twist. But if your brain is mashed from too much studying, curl up with a Twilight and she'll do the rest.
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--Marshal Zeringue