Monday, July 5, 2010

Twelve best fiction titles of the summer

For The Daily Beast, Janice Kaplan named the twelve best fiction titles of the summer.

One novel on the list:
Mr. Peanut by Adam Ross

In his bold debut novel Mr. Peanut, Adam Ross offers a stunning view on marriage—and the fine line dividing love from hate. The noir-ish plot and brilliant writing keep you turning pages, and even the implausibility of some events seems part of the crazed haze we enter in states of passion. The story revolves around a man who loves his wife but dreams (from page one) of her dead. When she chokes to death on a peanut, can anyone prove he killed her? One of the detectives is Sam Sheppard—yes, the man jailed for killing his wife—and a long section about that unsolved murder adds to the nightmarish intrigue. My husband slept gently next to me as I read—and I did think of hiding all knives before I turned out the light.
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--Marshal Zeringue