Monday, November 22, 2010

Pat Conroy's favorite contemporary Southern novelists

At The Daily Beast, novelist Pat Conroy (My Reading Life) tagged his six favorite contemporary Southern novelists.

One entry on his list:
Peachtree Road by Anne Rivers Siddons

In 1973, I met the dazzling Atlanta writer Anne Rivers Siddons at a party at the governor’s mansion, hosted by Jimmy Carter. Annie and I grew up together as writers and we have talked passionately about books since the night we met. At a dinner party at her house, she took me into her kitchen and told me she had started to write her Atlanta novel, Peachtree Road. The first line is, “The South killed Lucy Bondurant on the day she was born.” The book is magisterial because Anne has never written a sentence without music in it. To me, it is the defining book of a Southern city to come out of the 20th century. Our talks continue.
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--Marshal Zeringue