Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The 10 best fictional hangovers

For the Guardian Sean O'Hagan named the ten best fictional hangovers in print, film and song.

One novel on the list:
Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

Women have, in general, been less specific about hangovers than men – but Bridget Jones, the voice of her generation, put an end to that. “11.45pm. Ugh. First day of New Year has been day of horror. Cannot quite believe I am once again starting the year in a single bed in my parents’ house. Having skulked at home all day, hoping hangover would clear, I eventually gave up and set off for the Turkey Curry Buffet far too late. When I got to the Alconburys’… I was still in a strange world of my own – nauseous, vile-headed, acidic… I leaned against the ornament shelf for support”
Read about the other entries on the list.

Bridget Jones's Diary also appears on Christina Koning's list of the best of chick-lit and a list of eight books for the broken-hearted.

--Marshal Zeringue