Monday, January 31, 2011

Eight of the best articles on the turmoil in Egypt

The Daily Beast has tagged eight essential pieces of longform journalism about the political upheaval in Egypt.

One article on the list:
"America's Islam Anxiety in Egypt and Beyond"
Esquire, Juan Cole; June 4, 2009

In an excerpt from his 2009 book, Engaging the Muslim World, Juan Cole shows how American politicians misunderstand the Muslim Brotherhood, now a peaceful, democratic movement that opposes radical Islam yet still wants to achieve moderate Islamic states. The Brotherhood has mostly abandoned its violent beginnings, and despite being banned in Egypt continues to work within the political system to move the country toward an Islamic republic. But U.S. politicians continue to lump it in with terrorist groups, while supporting Muslim groups who actually oppose democracy in Egypt.
Read about the other recommended articles.

The Page 99 Test: Engaging the Muslim World by Juan Cole.

--Marshal Zeringue