Monday, June 6, 2011

Ten works of fantasy that are really science fiction

"Sometimes you're immersed to your eyeballs in a story about supernatural monsters, or medieval lands full of eldrich gods - when suddenly, you realize the whole damn story is really about science or an alien planet full of advanced technology," writes Annalee Newitz at io9. "You thought you were in the realm of fantasy, but instead you found yourself suddenly in the realm of science fiction."

One title on Newitz's list of "stories that seem like fantasy at first, but the science fiction creeps up on you:"
The Steel Remains, by Richard K. Morgan

This hard-hitting fantasy tale of a man and his seriously badass sword-fighting abilities seems like your standard fantasy fare. It's full of castles and kings and different "races" of elves and humans and such. Until you start to realize that those elf-like guys are actually connected to something that isn't so much a magical place as it is a crashed spaceship. This novel is of the most satisfying genre-benders out there, and luckily for us the sequel (The Cold Commands) comes out this summer.
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--Marshal Zeringue