Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Five standout new 9/11 books

At Salon, Emma Mustich tagged five of the best new books about 9/11 and its aftermath.

One book on her list:
Until the Fires Stopped Burning: 9/11 and New York City in the Words and Experiences of Survivors and Witnesses, by Charles B. Strozier

"The tenth anniversary moves personal loss into historical memory," wrote psychotherapist and professor Charles B. Strozier (who directs the Center of Terrorism at John Jay College of Criminal Justice) on his blog earlier this summer, in a general discussion of the process of dealing with the loss of a loved one. Strozier then compared this personal process to the wider, "collective experience" of remembering 9/11: "After the tenth anniversary, the sense is that we will think differently about 9/11, reflect on it as part of ongoing history, study it more than relive it, a process, needless to say, that is not always welcome by survivors." Strozier's own upcoming work, "Until the Fires Stopped Burning," examines New Yorkers' diverse experiences of 9/11, exploring the geography of the city's grief through interviews and original analysis.
Read about the other books on the list.

--Marshal Zeringue