Monday, September 12, 2011

Five best books on outdoor adventures

Michael J. Ybarra is the Wall Street Journal's extreme-sports correspondent.

One title on his five best list of books on outdoor adventures:
Ways to the Sky
by Andy Selters (2004)

In the early 1970s British expat Chris Jones wrote a superb book called "Climbing in North America," the first history to trace mountain climbing's development in the New World. It was the kind of book that made you want to get out and try many of the dramatic climbs it described. Three decades later, Selters wrote a sort of sequel that brought the story of North American climbing up to date—including a final chapter about alpine-style ascents in Alaska, where climbers pushed themselves to the edge of human endurance on technically difficult peaks with a minimum of equipment and a maximum of commitment. "Mountaineering's strongest quality," Selters writes, "is to write great terrain into our souls."
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--Marshal Zeringue