Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ten vampire stories more romantic than "Twilight: Breaking Dawn"

At io9, Charlie Jane Anders tagged ten vampire stories that are more romantic than Breaking Dawn.

One book on her list:
Interview with the Vampire

What it's about: Louis is fascinated by the beautiful, angelic Lestat — until Lestat turns Louis into a vampire, and Louis has to come to terms with an eternity of feeding off blood. Louis and Lestat are inseparable companions, until Louis eventually escapes and finds a new companion, Armand.
Why it's romantic: The bond between Louis and Lestat is complex and often ugly — but also quite beautiful. Lestat teaches Louis to take life, but also to realize that existence is meaningless without a reverence for life.
Read about the other vampire stories on the list.

Interview with the Vampire is one of Lynda Resnick's best books.

--Marshal Zeringue