Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ten of the best Twinkies in fiction

You are what you eat. And if an author writes you eating a Twinkie in a story, your character may be a stoner, a very hungry forager, or an apocalypse survivor.

Or someone in dire need of cheap comfort food:
Lula is introduced as a minor character working as a hooker in One For the Money, the first book of Janet Evanovich's "Stephanie Plum" series; over a dozen books into the series, Lula evolves into a file clerk and sometime partner for Stephanie. (In the big-screen adaptation of One For the Money, Lula is played by Sherri Shepherd.) In Finger Lickin' Fifteen, Stephanie introduces her sidekick: "Lula's got a plus-size personality and body, and a petite-size wardrobe." At a moment of crisis, Lulu's socioeconomic position shows through in her choice of comfort food:
"Hell yeah, I'm okay. Don't I look okay? I'm just freakin' is all. I need a doughnut or something." She went to my kitchen and started going through cabinets. "You don't got nuthin' in here. Where's your Pop-Tarts? Where's your Hostess Twinkies and shit? where's your Tastykakes? I need sugar and lard and some fried crap."
Read about nine other fictional characters partly defined by their Twinkie consumption.

--Marshal Zeringue