Sunday, February 24, 2013

Top ten animal stories

Sarah Lean is the author of A Dog Called Homeless and A Horse for Angel.

One of her top ten animal stories, as told to the Guardian:
The Call of The Wild by Jack London

Buck is a domestic dog who, because of his size and strength, is forcefully recruited as a sled dog. Buck's struggle is to adapt from domesticity to the brutal life he now leads and to overcome the difficulties he faces from people, other dogs and the harsh environment. But ultimately it's the reflection on how Buck reverts to his instincts to survive and triumph that makes this powerful.
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The Call of the Wild is among Ben Frederick's eleven essential books for dog lovers, Megan Miranda's top ten books set in a wintry landscape, Jill Hucklesby's top 10 books about running away, Charlie English's top ten snow books, and Thomas Bloor's top ten tales of metamorphosis. It appears on John Mullan's list of ten of the best wolves in literature and Alice-Azania Jarvis's reading list on dogs.

--Marshal Zeringue