Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ten top crime novels of 2013

J. Kingston Pierce is both the editor of The Rap Sheet and the senior editor of January Magazine.

At Kirkus he shared his ten favorite crime novels published in 2013, including:
Perfect Hatred, by Leighton Gage: Only months before his death in July, Gage witnessed the release of his sixth novel featuring Chief Inspector Mario Silva of Brazil’s Federal Police. Perfect Hatred finds the middle-aged, notably scrupulous cop trying to get to the bottom of two knotty, violent crimes: a bombing at the American Consulate in São Paulo that left 67 people dead, and the daytime assassination of an anti-corruption candidate for governor in the state of Paraná. As Silva and his men investigate, they discover links between these outrages and a boys-only Muslim religious school that may be graduating future terrorists. Gage spices his plot mix further with smuggling operations in Paraguay and a prosperous landowner accused of murder, who’s hoping to take Silva off his case—permanently. I’m sorry that Gage’s demise leaves only one more Silva book to come: The Ways of Evil Men, due out in the States in January.
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--Marshal Zeringue