Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nine of the best last lines in literature

At The Barnes & Noble Book Blog, Chrissie Gruebel tagged nine of the best last lines in literature, including:
“I should hope, then, that by the time of my employer’s return, I shall be in a position to pleasantly surprise him.”
—Mr. Stevens, The Remains of the Day

Why it tears us up: Stevens has totally nailed being a butler for his whole entire life—to his emotional detriment, let’s face it—and now, on top of everything else, he’s gotta learn how to banter? He’s been listening to other people talk so he can learn how to joke around?! It’s heartbreaking and he doesn’t even know it! Stevens—just Thelma and Louise it off a damn cliff. No wait, don’t. We love you.
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The Remains of the Day is among Lucy Lethbridge's ten top books about servants and Tim Vine's six best books.

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--Marshal Zeringue