Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Five top stories about unlikely survivors

Claire Cameron's new novel is The Bear.

One of the author's five favorite stories about unlikely survivors, as shared at The Daily Beast:
by Marilyn Robinson

Published in 1980, this one of my favorite character driven novels set in a hard mountain town of Fingerbone, Idaho, where a life alone is brutish and short. Ruth and Lucille are sisters. When they are left parentless a series of people try to help, but it becomes clear that finding a place among other people is a question that each has to answer on her own. The body needs food, warmth and water, but your heart needs more.
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Housekeeping is among Sara Zarr's top ten family dramas, Philip Connors's top 10 wilderness books, Kate Walbert's best books, and Aryn Kyle's favorite books.

--Marshal Zeringue