Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ten top book series

Christian Science Monitor contributor Casey Lee strongly recommended ten favorite book series, including:
Percy Jackson

Percy is a half-blood, meaning that one of his parents is mortal and the other is a god. Along with gods and half-bloods there are satyrs, centaurs, nymphs, and monsters. That's just to name a few of the characters you'll meet in this fantastic series by the prolific Rick Riordan. The monsters are drawn towards the half-bloods. The more powerful your god-like parent, the more danger you are in. Percy's dad is Poseidon, one of the big three. Percy is only safe at Camp Half-Blood. He finds his true friends at camp, which is why he'll go to such extremes to protect it. Follow Percy and his friends as they go against gods and monsters alike to protect their camp and protect the world.
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--Marshal Zeringue