Saturday, January 31, 2015

Five top fantasy novels about deeply-flawed, despicable people

Myke Cole is the author of the Shadow Ops series.

One of his "top five fantasy novels with deeply-flawed, nasty, rotten, mean, horrid, and downright fascinating protagonists," as shared at the Tor blog:
The Warden, from Low Town by Daniel Polansky

The Warden is a mid-level criminal boss, running drugs, prostitution and theft rackets in the worst neighborhoods of his city. He’s a thief, a murderer, a pusher and a lowlife of the worst kind. But he also runs a bar with his best friend, reluctantly fosters a runaway, and still finds time to save the world.

The Warden dreams of being something more than just a thug, while still embracing the tools of his dark trade. The conflict between ends and means make the character and the book.
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My Book, The Movie: Low Town.

Writers Read: Daniel Polansky (September 2011).

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