Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Top ten books about love

Jemma Forte's novels include If You’re Not the One and When I Met You.

One of her top ten books about love, as shared at the Daily Express:
The Pursuit of Love - Nancy Mitford

As much as I’m opposed to the rather lazy over used tag ‘chick lit’ that doesn’t mean to say I don’t enjoy reading light, witty, clever books about trying to meet Mr Right and love.

It all comes down to how they’re written and I can only imagine how much this book was adored back in the 1940’s when it first appeared. The fact that it still reads so well now tells you all you need to know about the extraordinary skill of the writer.

This book is timeless, full of energy and the humour and fun shine off the page. It’s also fascinating because it’s such a great account of what it was like to be an aristocratic female during this period.

Nancy Mitford was a blue blood and this book is largely autobiographical, something which is true of so many debuts.

Written during a time when upper class society girls were expected to ‘marry not fall in love’ this is about love and growing up, so something we can all relate to (even if we’re still trying to achieve that…)
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The Pursuit of Love is among Anjelica Huston's seven favorite books, Elizabeth Buchan's top ten books to comfort & console during a divorce, and Anna Quindlen's five best novels on women in search of themselves.

--Marshal Zeringue