Sunday, June 21, 2015

Four books that changed Angelica Banks

Angelica Banks is not one writer but two. Heather Rose and Danielle Wood are old friends who live in Tasmania. Both are award-winning authors of adult fiction and together they write children's fantasy.

One of four books that changed the authors, as shared with the Sydney Morning Herald:
The Bloody Chamber
Angela Carter

This book was my first and best lesson in how old stories can be made magnificently new. But it was also a liberating book thanks to the dense, elaborate, gorgeous language. Angela Carter was never afraid of adverbs or adjectives. She wasn't afraid to layer image over image, or to pull out heavy-duty vocabulary that would send me off to the dictionary (the Macquarie, which I own in three editions—and yes, this is a sneaky way of squeezing in a fifth life-changing book). (Danielle)
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The Bloody Chamber is among four books that changed Justine Larbalestier, Stephanie Feldman's ten creepiest books, and Jonathan Stroud's favorite fantasy books.

--Marshal Zeringue