Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Seven top literary horror titles

At B & N Reads, Kelly Davio tagged seven of the best literary horror titles--books that "are as well written as they are goosebump-inducing"--including:
Come Closer, by Sara Gran

More than a mere scary story, the terse, fast-paced Come Closer is equal parts psychological investigation and story of demonic possession. This short, powerful novel follows a successful young architect, Amanda, who finds herself behaving oddly. From writing obscene notes to her boss to eventually harming others in alarming and unprovoked ways, Amanda reels ever further out of control. She blames her shifting personality on Naamah, a demonic figure that haunts her in dreams, but Gran keeps the reader guessing as to whether Amanda has truly fallen prey to a malevolent spirit or simply blames her own taste for the dark side on a fictitious force.
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--Marshal Zeringue