Thursday, March 17, 2016

Top ten books about the dangers of the web

Helen FitzGerald's latest novel is Viral. One of her ten top books about the dangers of the web, as shared at the Guardian:
The Dark Net by Jamie Bartlett

After reading this absorbing, fantastic book, I understand more about what the darknet is, and am therefore a little less terrified of it. It’s people, most of them unremarkable, buying and selling, talking and reviewing. One day, I might use it to buy stationery like I use Amazon, or to talk about writing like I do on Facebook. Bartlett lays out the good aspects of the darknet – freedom of speech, freedom to be anonymous, anti-corruption, anti-authority. And he also talks about the bad – racism, sexism, child pornography, suicide forums, how easy it is to groom victims and ruin lives. So I’m not going there, not yet.
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--Marshal Zeringue