Saturday, June 4, 2016

Five books where the dead don’t stay that way

K. Eason's new book--her debut--is Enemy (On the Bones of Gods).

One of her five favorite books where the dead don’t stay that way, as shared at
World War Z by Max Brooks

No ghosts here! This is a classic zombie apocalypse story, told as a series of interviews with survivors and presented as a faux-history. The fascination here, for me, is not on the zombies, but on their effect on the living, and how our fear of death defines us. Corpses shuffling around, killing the living by the force of sheer numbers … inspiring the best and worst (mostly the worst) of human behavior. The horror of the zombie is that it’s the embodiment of inevitable, unavoidable death. We’re all going to succumb, eventually: our friends, our families. But it’s what we do before it gets to us that defines us.
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--Marshal Zeringue