Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ten top cats in literature

Lynne Truss is the author of Eats, Shoots & Leaves, Cat Out of Hell, the newly released The Lunar Cats, and other books. One of her top ten cats in literature, as shared at the Guardian:
Thomasina, the Cat Who Thought She Was God by Paul Gallico

Mystical cat

Thomasina is a large tabby belonging to the small daughter of a Scottish vet – a stiff and angrily bereaved man. Thomasina requires the vet’s services on a day when he has his hands full and he orders for her to be put to sleep. His daughter, deranged by grief, becomes catatonic. Meanwhile Thomasina drifts into a past life in which she was an Egyptian goddess and is rescued by a nice witchy lady who heals sick animals by mystical means. As the poor child lapses into fever and reaches a crisis, Thomasina recovers her memory and returns home to save the day at the very last minute.
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--Marshal Zeringue