Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Seven great morally complex YA novels

One title on Melissa Albert's list of seven top morally complex YA novels, as shared at the BN Teen blog:
The Lost Girl, by Sangu Mandanna

To a point this YA novel echoes the central premise of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, about a subclass of clones built for the purpose of providing fresh parts for their originals. But Mandanna focuses her lens on a single clone, Eva, created not as an organ donor but as a full-on replacement in the case of her original’s death. She’s only a teen when her original, Amarra, dies in a car crash, and her attempt to take over the dead girl’s life is choppy and disorienting for both her and her new family. Despite her training, Eva had no choice but to live life as her own person, developing memories and preferences and affections she couldn’t share with Amarra. In a world that believes her life to be less than, Eva must summon the courage to strike out on her own.
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--Marshal Zeringue