Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ten great New York City novels

Michael Friedman’s latest book is Martian Dawn & Other Novels, a collection of three novels.

One of the author's ten best New York City novels, as shared at Please Kill Me:
Inferno: A Poet's Novel by Eileen Myles(2010)

Myles has such a great sensibility and is so astute that I am happy to go wherever she leads me. She is also a distinctive prose stylist. An elliptical fictionalized memoir, Inferno tracks Eileen as she arrives in NYC from Boston in the seventies, makes her way as a poet among the talented circle around The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, finds love. It takes guts to be as honest as Myles is, and the book is affecting. The character sketches sprinkled throughout (Rene Ricard, Ted Berrigan, among others) are just so well-drawn.
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--Marshal Zeringue