Saturday, December 2, 2017

Six of the best YA books featuring furry (or scaly) companions

At the BN Teen blog Samantha Randolph tagged six incredible animal friends in YA fiction. One entry on the list:
Even the Darkest Stars, by Heather Fawcett

In Heather Fawcett’s Even the Darkest Stars, Kamzin longs to explore the world outside her small village. When a chance arises to accompany River Shara, a famous explorer, to climb the tallest mountain, Raksha, she seizes it. Alongside her is her familiar, a spunky and adorable fox. What I love most about Fawcett’s depiction of their relationship is the way Kamzin’s familiar refuses to leave her side and how Kamzin protects him. Though Kamzin is on a very dangerous journey filled with witches, snowy mountain ranges, and deception, her familiar stays by her side, even when she tells him not to. If anyone has had a beloved pet before, you know how loyal they can be and how much you’ll fight to make sure they stay safe and happy.
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--Marshal Zeringue