Sunday, January 21, 2018

Four top books for crime lovers

Joseph Knox's new novel is Sirens.

One of four top books for crime lovers he tagged at the Waterstones blog:
The Long Good-bye
Raymond Chandler

Every author has their first real hero, and Chandler was mine. In the years since I’ve drifted more towards the stark, border-line nihilism of his own hero, Dashiel Hammett, more towards the psychological depth of his greatest successor, Ross MacDonald, even towards the overwhelming darkness and grandiose world-building of the big name that came after him, James Ellroy.

But Chandler, for me, was first. It would be impossible to imagine Aidan’s first person narration, cynicism and shop-soiled brand of heroism without having read and re-read the Philip Marlowe novels cover-to-cover.The Long Goodbye, with the devastating betrayal at its centre, stands head and shoulders above the rest.
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--Marshal Zeringue