Saturday, April 7, 2018

Five YA novels set in quirky small towns

At the BN Teen Blog Elodie tagged five "YA novels set in quirky small towns, from the eccentric to the creepy," including:
As You Wish, by Chelsea Sedoti

Have you ever wished upon a shooting star? Of course you have, you’re a human being who wants an X-Box. But in the tiny desert town of Madison, Nevada, wishes do come true: each of the locals gets one on their eighteenth birthday. Eldon, our protagonist, is on the brink of receiving his wish and finally joining the ranks of his peers who have wished themselves richer, more beautiful, more popular. The problem: he’s seen how wishing can destroy you. He’s seen people waste their wishes. He’s seen people regret their wishes for the rest of their lives. In this beautifully plotted sophomore effort saturated with thought-provoking magical realism, Sedoti explores what it means to yearn, to regret, and to live with the consequences of one’s choices.
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--Marshal Zeringue