Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Five mystery series with awesome detectives

Emily Devenport has written several novels under various pseudonyms including one which was a finalist for the Philip K. Dick award. She is currently studies Geology and works as a volunteer at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. Devenport's new novel is Medusa Uploaded.

One of her five mystery series with awesome detectives, as shared at
Kay Scarpetta (Patricia Cornwell)

Kay is a smart gal, obsessed with detail and consumed by the particulars of any puzzle that’s put before her, and those are interesting qualities in medical examiner. But what I like about her is that she’s a bit of a sore-nosed bear. She’s got good reasons to feel that way: a lifelong struggle to prove her worth in a field dominated by men; some vicious and implacable enemies she’s earned along the way (on both sides of the law); a collection of screwed-up family members and friends about whom she’s constantly worrying; and a large pile of sorrows that grows bigger with every year she continues to Fight the Good Fight. Kay practices restraint so diligently, when she finally does lose her temper about something, she doesn’t kid around. Afterward, she vacillates between feeling bad about losing her temper and being pissed off that she’s got a reputation for being difficult. I love that about Kay Scarpetta.
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--Marshal Zeringue