Saturday, September 22, 2018

Five books that explore the monstrous

Fran Wilde’s novels and short stories have been finalists for three Nebula Awards, a World Fantasy Award, and two Hugo Awards, and include her Andre Norton- and Compton-Crook-winning debut novel Updraft, its sequels Cloudbound, and Horizon, and the Nebula-, Hugo-, and Locus-nominated novelette The Jewel and Her Lapidary. At she shared five books that explore the monstrous, including:
The Scar — China Miéville

There are so many monsters and monstrous elements in The Scar. The avanc. The female Anophelli. The Grindylow. The Remade. The Lovers. The unfamiliar writ as monstrous. There is wonder too. And more familiar monsters envisioned as almost glamourous (the Vampir). There is the monstrous Armada itself. All of it and more spins together across the quest that lies at the heart of the book, and through the incredible world on the edge of Mieville’s Bas-Lag.
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--Marshal Zeringue