Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Eight notable Nixons in fiction

Alan Glynn's latest novel is Under the Night (US title: Receptor). One of eight notable fictional Nixons he tagged for CrimeReads:
Our Gang, by Philip Roth

One day in 1971 Philip Roth saw side-by-side stories on the front page of his morning newspaper: one, Nixon declaring his belief in the sanctity of human life where abortion is concerned, and two, Nixon ordering the release of a man recently convicted for his participation in the My Lai massacre. Roth figured there was no small irony in this juxtaposition and he went to town on it. The resulting satire is savage and Swiftian, if a little unrelenting. Reading it today, the funniest and most resonant joke is the notion of President Trick E. Dixon picking on a country like Denmark to declare war on and invade.
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--Marshal Zeringue