Friday, October 25, 2019

Six revenge thrillers featuring female protagonists

As a child Kate Kessler seemed to have a knack for finding trouble, and for it finding her. A former delinquent, Kessler now prefers to write about trouble rather than cause it, and spends her days writing about why people do the things they do. She lives in New England with her husband.

Kessler's latest thriller is Seven Crows.

At CrimeReads, she tagged six favorite revenge thrillers featuring female protagonists, including:
Jane Doe by Victoria Helen Stone

Jane’s a fabulous sociopath with one thing on her mind—avenge the death of the only true friend she’s ever had. That means taking down the man Jane holds responsible for her friend’s suicide. Jane’s intent isn’t to simply end the SOB—that’s too quick and easy. No, Jane’s going to ruin him and make him suffer. This book hits all the high notes and builds to a truly satisfying conclusion. I absolutely adored Jane. I rooted for her and wished her well on the last page. There’s a sequel coming out soon and I simply can’t wait.
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--Marshal Zeringue