Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Books to enjoy while in quarantine

Lois Beckett is a senior reporter at the Guardian covering gun policy, criminal justice and the far right in the United States. She compiled a list of "some of the brilliant pandemic novels that everyone is talking about, and some novels about being alone... [and] some comfort reads, and poetry, and books about people being thoughtful and useful and kind," including:
The Doomsday Book, by Connie Willis

In this 1992 novel by one of America’s most acclaimed science fiction writers, a graduate student who is part of a time-traveling history research group at Oxford is sent on an expedition to the Middle Ages and ends up in the middle of the Black Plague. Meanwhile, an epidemic is also spreading in mid-21st-century England. Have the time-traveling researchers infected their contemporary world?
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The Doomsday Book is among MarĂ­a Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards's five books with female protagonists you'll love if you hate romances and Charlie Jane Anders's fifteen moments from science fiction and fantasy that will make absolutely anyone cry.

--Marshal Zeringue