Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Six technothrillers featuring digital surveillance & voyeurism

Rabeea Saleem is a Pakistan-based book critic presently writing for a bunch of international publications including Book Riot and Chicago Review of Book. At she tagged six technothrillers featuring digital surveillance and voyeurism, including:
Little Eyes by Samanta Schweblin

As a huge fan of Schweblin, I was naturally looking forward to reading her latest. I’m glad to report that it was worth the wait. In this book, Kentukis are smart toys equipped with built-in cameras that can be remotely controlled. These plush robots are all the rage, and can be controlled by people called dwellers who can monitor your every move through these high tech toys. This book gives us a harrowing glimpse of the near future in the age of voyeurism. Bought by people who are only craving human connection, it soon becomes apparent how in the wrong hands, Kentukis can be used as a means to devious ends, as in for blackmail. Schweblin unnervingly illustrates the dark side of technology and connectivity.
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--Marshal Zeringue