Monday, October 5, 2020

Eight standout darkly humorous crime novels

Thomas H. Carry holds a doctorate in literature and has worked as a professional actor, dancer, business consultant, bouncer, and pet whisperer. A recovering academic, Carry has also held positions at various colleges and universities. He currently lives in Manhattan with his wife.

Privilege is his first novel.

At CrimeReads, Carry tagged ten crime fiction titles "that artfully employ humor and satire so well that it’s downright criminal," including:
Hangman by Jack Heath

Timothy Blake is an FBI consultant with strange tastes—namely, a taste for human flesh. Given how successful he is in bringing cases to close, he’s worked out a secret deal with an FBI special agent, who supplies Blake with corpses as payment for his work. Who says a cannibal can’t contribute to society? Working on a missing child case, things get interesting when he’s teamed with a new FBI partner, a woman with a link to a past he’d rather keep hidden (like the body parts in his freezer).
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--Marshal Zeringue