Sunday, December 6, 2020

Six mysteries that prove you can’t go home again

Tessa Wegert is the author of Death in the Family and The Dead Season, part of the Shana Merchant series of mysteries.

At CrimeReads, Wegert tagged six "crime fiction novels that rely on home as a major theme," including:
The Long Way Home by Louise Penny

The 10th book in Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series of mysteries finds Gamache, Jean-Guy Beauvoir, and villagers Clara Morrow and Myrna travelling away from their home in an effort to recover Clara’s “sin-sick” artist husband and return him safely to Three Pines. Eclipsed by his wife’s fame, which has driven a wedge between the couple, Peter Morrow flees to the wilds of Northern Quebec, but both Gamache and Clara fear his efforts to self-exile may have deadly results.

This is a book that dissects the notion of what “home” means to different people. For Peter Morrow, home isn’t just Three Pines. Rather, it’s his wife, whom he wishes to return to, and who wants nothing more than to right their life together.
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--Marshal Zeringue