Saturday, May 1, 2021

Six top revenge novels

New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelist Joshilyn Jackson is the author of ten books, including Mother May I, The Almost Sisters, and Never Have I Ever.

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At CrimeReads Jackson tagged six favorite thrillers and chillers that feature the kind of “getting even” narrative she loves, including:
The Weight of Lies, by Emily Carpenter

What may be my favorite Emily Carpenter book (and this is saying something) begins as a revenge tale about a tell-all expose planned by the neglected daughter of a famous writer. Meg Ashley’s mother was a one hit wonder, and Meg still lives well off the profits of that book. Desperate to separate herself via revenge-memoir, she begins investigating her mother’s life and the real-life events that inspired the cult classic. She soon finds herself embroiled in a decades old murder mystery. The closer Meg gets to solving this crime, the more dangerous things become. Come for the revenge narrative, stay for the Kitten excerpts.
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The Weight of Lies is among Kim Taylor Blakemore's seven novels featuring the unapologetic woman in the Gothic and Wendy Webb's eight best modern gothic mysteries.

--Marshal Zeringue