Sunday, July 10, 2022

Four of the best crime novels set in Africa

Femi Kayode has spent the last two decades in advertising. In fits and starts. In between, he was a Packard Gates Fellow in Film at the University of Southern California and a Gates Fellow in International Health at the University of Washington. He also managed to build an impressive resume on prime-time television by creating, writing and developing several award-winning TV dramas.

He recently completed an MA in Crime Fiction at the University of East Anglia, where his novel Lightseekers won the Little, Brown / UEA Crime Fiction Award.

Lightseekers is his first novel and the beginning of a series of books based on the investigations of Dr Philip K. Talwo. He lives in Namibia with his wife, two sons and two overly friendly dogs.

At the Waterstones blog Kayode tagged four top crime novels set in Africa, including:
Making Wolf by Tade Thompson (West Africa)

It started with a harmless lie. Weston Kogi works in security at a supermarket in London and returns to his fictitious home country in West Africa for a funeral. An overindulgence in good food and beer led Weston to claim he is a homicide detective in London. Such an impressive resume led to Weston’s kidnap by a rebel group who insist he must use his skills to solve the murder of a local hero, Papa Busi. With Weston’s life literally on the line, the pressure is on to solve a crime that might push the nation of Alcacia into a civil war. Weston is caught between two homicidal rebel factions, a shadowy state secret police, a morally ambivalent society on the brink of total chaos. Pumping action meets frightening realities in this compulsive thriller. Through it all, Tade Thompson paints a vivid picture of an African nation that is sadly, all too familiar.
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--Marshal Zeringue