Sunday, December 18, 2022

Five SFF novels about unrest & rebellion

At James Davis Nicoll tagged five top SFF novels about unrest & rebellion, including:
The Unbroken by C. L. Clark (2021)

Touraine might have led a happy uncivilized life in her native Qazāl. But she is taken by imperial Balladairans—“kidnapped” is such a harsh word—and transported far from Qazāl, where she will be educated in proper Balladairan ways. Touraine will spend her life paying for her education as a conscript (some might say slave) for the Balladairan cause.

Touraine’s Balladairan masters are supremely confident in their soldiers’ conditioning. Why not assign Touraine to El-Wast in her home country of Qazāl? What could possibly go wrong with returning a highly skilled soldier to the land of her birth? Quite a lot, as it turns out.
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--Marshal Zeringue