Friday, April 14, 2017

Five of the best settings in YA fantasy

At the BN Teen blog, Jenny Kawecki tagged five of the coolest settings in YA fantasy, including:
The Kingdom of Brooklyn (Vassa in the Night, by Sarah Porter)

If you prefer fantasy worlds of the creepy, surreal variety, Vassa in the Night is the story for you. In the enchanted kingdom of Brooklyn, magic can help or hurt. In Vassa’s working-class corner of Brooklyn, it mostly hurts. So when Vassa is sent out to Babs Yaggs’ bodega—the location of many a late-night shoplifter’s beheading—she knows things could get messy. And, of course, they do. Trapped in indentured servitude at the bodega, Vassa quickly realizes there are much stranger things afoot than a store that dances on chicken legs. (And even that’s pretty weird in this dark, otherworldly version of Brooklyn.)
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--Marshal Zeringue