Saturday, April 1, 2017

Six NYC romances to knock your socks off

At B&N Reads Tara Sonin tagged six top NYC romances, including:
Too Hot to Touch (Rising Star Chef #1), by Louisa Edwards

This romance is just delicious: the story of a star chef, Max Lunden, who conquers the kitchen as deftly as he conquers women all over the globe. But the soul of his cooking comes from his family’s restaurant in New York City. He’s been running from his past after a falling out with his father, but when his family needs him, he returns home to help them win the Rising Star competition. But Juliet, a rising star herself in the competitive cooking world, who used to have a crush on him when she was young, is the one running the kitchen now, and she wants to win by her rules. The heat is on in this sizzly and scrumptious romance about two competitors who eventually decide they’re better on the same team.
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--Marshal Zeringue